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Lately, streaming is available to every person with a phone, and there are many interesting podcasts, vlogs, and streams, but we will focus on casino streamers. In the table below, you will find the main sections of this blog post, so jump ahead to your topic or read from top to bottom. We also answered several interesting questions about casino game streaming.

What is a Casino Streamer?

In recent years, live streaming has become a trendy way of expressing opinions. Most streamers display their gaming abilities and use streaming platforms to gain profit. One streamer type is the casino streamer, also called online casino streamer, which is a person using live streaming platforms and virtual tools to show an audience their progress in gambling games.

Casino live streaming has many forms and can be live or uploading already created videos. Depending on the needs and streamer’s preferences, they use the following live-streaming platforms:

💻 Device
✔️ Live Streaming Platform

🖥️ Computer & Laptop (Win, Mac, Linux)
YouTube Live, Twitch, Periscope, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Lightstream, Livestream, USTREAM, Youknow, IRIS (Bambuser), DaCast, Brightcove,, StreamYard, Wirecast, StreamShark, Be.Live, Steamlabs, Restream, Streamlabs, XSplit Broadcaster, vMix, Ecamm Live, Switchboard Live, OneStream, OBX, Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, Wirecast Play, FFSPLIT, Raptr, XSplit

📱 Phone & Tablet (Android, iOS)
Twitch, Instagram, Facebook Live, Periscope, GO Live, Wirecast GO, Zoom Cloud Meetings, Instalively, WatchESPN, Stream, VK Live

The biggest casino streamers who use those platforms also follow the latest casino industry trends regarding technical advancement, social trends, cryptocurrencies, easier access, and more. Furthermore, they know the streaming platform’s rules and always create unique, educational, or entertaining streaming content.

Many people consider casino streamers fake because they have fun and love what they do. The truth is that this is challenging and demanding because of the many regulations they should follow. Besides the rules, they must also obey the gambling laws in their country and inspire the viewers to do the same.

Is Casino Streaming Easy – Tips & Top Players

Become an Online Casino Streamer

The top casino streamers’ stories about their rise to fame are different from each other. There are many tips on how to become one of the best fast, but the truth is that there is no unified formula that works every time. The one thing that creates equally powerful engagement with the viewers is when casino streaming enthusiasts play at the top new casino sites.

There are two main reasons why viewers watch casino streamers: strong>to learn and to develop good gambling skills. The latter is especially true if the individual doesn’t have the resources or is afraid to get hooked on gambling, so they avoid playing themselves. Here are some of the top casino streamers you can check out:

🎮 CasinoDaddy

🎮 Lady Luck HQ

🎮 Roshtein

🎮 Slot Queen

🎮 TrainwrecksTV

🎮 The Bandit Slots

Viewers watch those and other streaming gamblers improve their gambling skills by observing experienced players. Many people like the thrill of huge prizes, even if they land in someone else’s pocket. We can safely say that many of the streamers tend to create a strong community of supporters who celebrate every win and show compassion when losing sessions occur.

Initial Investments

Everyone wonders how gambling streamers make money. Well, they invest their own money and time into playing online gambling games like the top live dealer games at online casinos. Many take advantage of a casino streamer bonus or other benefits. This is the moment to say that anyone can start an online casino streamer career with proper budgeting and cheaper equipment.

Streamer’s Game Choice at Top Online Casinos

Streamer's Casino Game Choice

Before casino streamers even turn on the camera, they get familiar with the tips and tricks to play at online casinos. The next step is to choose a legit and secure online casino with a vast selection of games. The biggest casino streamers find their niche and focus on it, but sometimes they diverse the stream by mixing the following games:

🎰 Slots: different types of slots with interesting gameplay, theme, and prizes.

🃏 Table Games: roulette, baccarat, live blackjack, poker, and their variations.

🎱 Other Gambling Games: bingo, Slingo, dice, live shows, and other gambling entertainments.

🏅 Sports Betting: sports markets at the top-ranking sports betting sites

🎮 eSports: League of Legends, DOTA, and Counter Strike Global Offensive are among the most popular games among streamers.

🤖 Innovative Gambling: CSGO Roulette, for example, requires CSGO weapon skins. The skins have value and can be placed instead of money wagers with equal size.

Choosing the right online casino is essential, but our beginner’s guide to online casinos might be of use. In addition to that, check if the game is restricted by the streaming platform or if it is exclusive to the operator. Also, check for casino streaming services because some operators decided to add this innovative feature to their list of services.

Choose a Streaming Platform

Live Streaming Platforms
Another essential and extensive research every casino streamer should do is to explore and compare different streaming platforms. For example, Twitch users focus on live streaming their gameplay, while live casino streamers on YouTube can record the live stream and then upload it like a video. There are also different rules for legal casino streamed content branding, platform rules, multi-streaming option, participant limit, pricing, streaming limit, and more. Learning and following the rules are at the base of many top streamers’ successes.

Putting Together a Streaming Setup

Casino Streaming Devices

Beginners looking up to the top casino streamers often think crazy expensive equipment is mandatory. The truth is that you don’t need a top-notch casino-style gaming room at home or any of the top-shelf gear. The setup is up to the streamer’s vision, but there are two types of casino streaming setups:

💯 Full Casino Streaming Setup
👜 Compact Casino Streaming Setup

🖥️ Gaming PC, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse
📱 Laptop, mobile phone, tablet

📹 Streaming Camera or Webcam
🤳 Device’s Camera

🎙️ Microphone or Headset
🎧 Device’s Microphone or External Headset

📡 Stable & Fast Internet Connection
📡 Stable & Fast Internet Connection

🔀 Capture Card, Switcher, Encoder
🔀 Not Needed

✂️ Video Editing Software
✂️ Video Editing Software

♨️ Streaming Platforms’ Tools
♨️ Streaming Platforms’ Tools

🌀 Simulcasting Platform
🌀 Simulcasting Platform

The differences in the setups are obvious. Many Twitch slots streamers start with whatever computers and equipment they have at hand, and once they start making a profit, they upgrade. One of the interesting innovations in the gambling world are the VR casinos. Virtual reality gambling is yet to become popular with streamers, but it inevitably will.

How to Become a Casino Streamer?

Casino Streaming Plan

With today’s excellent technology, anyone can become an online casino streamer. All we listed above can be brought down to simple steps that to-do list which can help every beginner. We summarised the process of creating the perfect casino night at home in the following list of how can you live stream in a casino:

💡 Streaming Idea: think of a unique idea like Las Vegas weddings with newlyweds playing at the casino

🎶 Capture Attention: create a mood for your stream with a unique light, ambience, decors, music, plants, pets, and everything eye-catching

🛋️ Streamers’ Comfort: streamers are sitting for hours, so take a comfortable chair and consider your clothes according to the casino fashion trends or wear something comfortable

🔊 Connect Equipment: turn on and test your streaming equipment before the live feed

♾️ Internet Connection: make sure you have a fast internet connection

▶️ Live Stream Platform: beginners usually go for YouTube or Twitch live streaming platforms

🏆 Online Casino: slot machines are easy to play and don’t require skills, so you can start your streaming experience with the top new slot sites

🎰 Play a Game: beginners don’t have sponsors, so you will need to play with low stakes and memorise the penny slots strategies

🔔 Streaming Frequency: after your first stream, you should consider how often you can go live and what is the best time to play online slots to capture viewer’s attention

Some UK slot streamers have the idea to make a live stream from a land-based casino. There are already many streamers who have broadcasted from the brick-and-mortar casinos on the Las Vegas Strip and other casinos worldwide. It is a clever idea to gain the casino manager’s permission.

How Do Casino Streamers Make Money?

Casino Streamer's Profit

We all have heard that the most successful casino streamers and most famous gamblers make crazy amounts of money. The cash flow comes in many forms and sizes, but they all require hard work and some time before the effort is monetised. Here are the most popular ways streamers earn:

💰 Ads

💰 Affiliate Marketing

💰 Donations

💰 Features (like Twitch Bits)

💰 Live Streaming-Related Services

💰 Merchandise

💰 Selling Services

💰 Sponsorships

💰 Subscriptions

💰 Sub Incentives

💰 Viewers’ Tips

💰 YouTube Videos

There are proofs of casino streamers’ fake money or status, but those are rare. Most of the casino streamers have a professional gambler lifestyle and make their money with hard work and following the rules. For example, a Twitch streamer can reach Twitch affiliate status if, in the last 30 days, they have 500+ minutes broadcast, 3+ simultaneous viewers, 7+ broadcast days, and 50+ followers.

The biggest casino streamers take advantage of all forms of cash flow, but most of all, they aim to win the games they play. Spending less than what you earn is a vital tip to be followed in all gambling situations. That is why a slots streamer has an excellent progressive slot strategy, keeps an eye on the budget, and stops playing upon loss.

The best and most certain way to make a profit is by gaining many followers and viewers. Depending on the live stream platform, 25,000 subscribers can bring over £40,000, 50,000 subscribers – over £100,000, and even millions. In Twitch, an “expert” streamer may get £3000 – £5000 per month when playing 40 hours per week, while “small” streamers have 50 – 100 subscribers and make £50 to £1500 per month.

What Brings the Casino Streamer’s End

Casino Streamer Ban

To be a casino streamer often means to break the classic casino etiquette and create an unforgettable live stream. Many streamers bent and even break the streaming platform’s rules in their attempts to achieve greatness. We recommend keeping it descent and avoiding things that get people banned from streaming channels:

💋 Sexual Content: it is fine to kiss and hug, don’t go obscene or show nudity or intercourse.

©️ Copyrights Violations: using music, movies, clips, art, books, and anything else copyrighted without the author’s permission.

😎 Cheating: just like in other gambling establishments, casino cheaters are always caught and punished.

🤬 Profanity & Banned Words: harsh or disrespectful behaviour about ethnicity, race, religious beliefs, gender identity, sexual orientation, or inciting violence towards fellow players leads to a suspension like TrainwrecksTV’s ban from Twitch.

🔫 Violence & Weapons: any form of physical, verbal, or emotional violence or use of weapons with intent to harm, hurt or destroy. Exceptions are self-defence tutorials, training tactics, and combat or martial arts education performed by legit trainers or professionals.

👮 Money Frauds: illegal cryptocurrency gambling money schemes, casino money laundering, and other frauds are stopped and reported to the authorities.

Because their popularity, Twitch casino streamers can also enter the greatest gambling scandals in history like the Starcraft 2 match-fixing. Other examples of casino streamers’ frauds are money frauds like Sliker, who borrowed money from people to gamble. Icedshell2 was banned because he was streaming while drunk, and after a short nap, he vomited.

Casino Streamer Interesting Questions

The life of a casino streamer is interesting and looks glamorous to anyone who has never tried it. Our blog post told you how to be a streamer and gave details about this trade. Now, we intend to answer some of the popular and interesting questions related to this modern employment.

*️⃣ What is a casino streamer?

Streaming is one of the modern professions that gains popularity daily. There are many different streamers worldwide, and some choose to specialise in gambling games. A casino streamer always plays at the top online casinos and demonstrates how different games are played. This way, viewers can explore games and learn tips by observing someone else.

*️⃣ Are casino streamers professional gamblers?

Many casino streamers make their living by gambling, live streaming their casino gaming and taking advantage of the other profit opportunities. Anyone can use modern equipment and easily accessible online casinos at any time. Furthermore, sharing gambling skills and online casino games knowledge draws more viewers than just playing.

*️⃣ How can I become a casino streamer?

The top casino streamers constantly learn more about their trade, evolving trends, and technologies. There are many things to be considered before making the first live stream. The most important thing is the desire to share interesting content with a large audience. After that, you can follow the first steps in casino streaming we summarised.

*️⃣ How much should I invest to become a casino streamer?

All top casino streamers start their gambling streams with a certain amount of money for online casino gaming. Newbie streamers can start with low investments in simple gaming equipment and low gaming budget. When they start winning or making a profit from the available monetising options, they can increase their gaming budget and buy better equipment.

*️⃣ What games do casino streamers play at online casinos?

Each casino streamer is free to choose what games to play during the stream. The one common thing is that they choose online casinos and games that draw attention with stunning gameplay and interesting potential wins. Some focus on live dealer games, others stick to slots or RNG table games, and some prefer diversity.

*️⃣ Which streaming platforms do casino streamers use?

An average online casino streamer explores multiple live streaming platforms, and chooses the one that fits their streaming idea. Many casino streamers stream on multiple platforms simultaneously or release the stream on one and a video recording on the other. That is legal, and there is even software combining multiple different streaming channels.

*️⃣ Do casino streamers use special equipment?

Streams and videos show that many of the biggest casino streamers have the latest computers, audio, and visual technology that money can buy. The truth is that the live streaming casino equipment can be your computer, tablet, or phone. Especially beginner casino streamers should stick to the basics and upgrade, if necessary, after serious profit.

*️⃣ How much do casino streamers make?

It is impossible to calculate what is the online casino streamer’s profit. That is because of the multiple and diverse income opportunities. The most stable profit is due to the many followers or views of the live streams. Next to that stand the ads, merchandise, sponsorships, and other income options.

*️⃣ Why casino streamers get banned?

Even the biggest casino streamers make mistakes, and sometimes they get punished with a live stream ban, a fine, or more serious legal measures. The casino streamer’s ban is triggered by breaking the rules of the live streaming platform or the laws of the streamer’s country. Bans can be temporary or permanent.

Author: Larry Cook